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Written by Uzay Togay   
Thursday, 25 September 2008 22:17

This site is dedicated to deliver information and samples about the philatelic heritage of Ottoman Empire, Republic of Turkey, and Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, and other philatelic materials to every collector and enthusiast.

This Web site contains philatelic news, catalogs of stamps and postal stationeries, cancellations, samples of postal use, errors, forgeries, forums for the users to discuss philatelic subjects, articles and personal philatelic blogs.

The site is designed to operate in English and Turkish. It is highly recommended that all articles posted in the public area to be translated to the other language so that all users of this site can benefit.

Membership to this community is free. There are no advetisements, no commitments of any nature. the only donation we are asking is your knowledge and participation.

There is a forum area. Please post any problems, recommendations or requests to the apropriate forum. The forum is open to everyone but the guests cannot post to the forum except Community category, Report Site Related Issues forum.

For any other requests, comments or questions: email us.

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